Your intro 'sting' is losing 20% of your viewers

While completing analytics reporting for an asset management client, I observed a really sharp drop-off in engagement with viewers (15% to 20%), which consistently tallied with the length of the intro logo ‘sting’. This lead me to do some more digging… 

We know that the first 6 seconds of a video are crucial to grabbing the audience’s attention (anyone remember Vine?). But if you’ve filled these crucial few seconds with a generic logo sting, you’ll lose a big chunk of your audience.

Of course, it’s not unusual to get a sharp drop off at the start of most content, but what’s interesting in this case is that as soon as the ‘information’ bit of the video starts, the drop-off levels out. I’ve compared these ‘high drop-off films’ to a sample of other types of content in other Buto client accounts, including other asset managers; starting the film straightaway with an interesting presenter, for example, doesn’t seem to have the same marked drop-off. 

I observed the same negative impact on other client videos with a lengthy logo sting, although it’s not always as consistently pronounced. It seems that those clients with a more established audience lessened the impact of this drop-off; where viewers have prior experience of receiving quality content from a source, they are more compelled to keep watching. 

Key takeaways:

  • Think about how you grab the audience in the first 6 seconds at the creative/planning stage. You don’t need to fire your interviewee through a circus cannon onto the screen to grab attention, but you do need to get quickly to the ‘juicy’ content
  • There are lots of other ways to create brand recognition in your film without making your audience sit through your logo slowly building onto the screen. For example, a logo ‘bug’ (i.e. a small watermarked logo in a corner of the screen) provides brand visibility throughout the film
  • The negative effects of serving the wrong content to your audience vary across different brands; use the ‘Engagement’ report in Buto analytics to understand the effect of graphics stings on your content. If you have a very dedicated audience the drop-off might be small, but why would you risk losing even a fraction of your audience? 

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