Why Vimeo isn’t an Online Video Platform Substitute

Vimeo blog post

The big three platforms for uploading and hosting video content are YouTube, FaceBook and Vimeo.

Whereas YouTube and Facebook have their place in a blended video marketing strategy due to their access to huge audiences, they are purely about advertising revenues.  They want your website traffic and you forfeit any control over branding and post video content. The conversation you have with your audience is on their terms. 

So where does Vimeo fit into your video marketing strategy and can you use them instead of an online video platform such as Buto? 

In honesty, it depends on how important video marketing is to your business and whether you want to improve your video performance and be able to see and report on ROI. 

Vimeo is all about visual and creative flair, less about decent analytics, security and features that will enhance your video success. There are hidden costs if you want to embed videos on your website and play them in HD.

Certainly if you are looking to host just internal videos, a platform like Vimeo is not secure enough.  But what about marketing videos? There are several reasons which put Online Video Platforms streets ahead of Vimeo.

  • Integration with Marketing Automation platforms.
    Where an online video platform really stands out in comparison to Vimeo is its integration with marketing automation platforms and CRM tools.  Through integrating with these platforms, marketers can seamlessly treat viewer engagement with video content as actionable data within your marketing automation and CRM platforms. As a result you will improve the ROI you see from video and the performance of your marketing automation campaigns.
  • Innovative new features.
    An online video platform is not just a video player.  It offers a variety of features and functionality which outweigh what is on offer with Vimeo.  For example interactive features provide the ability to insert call to actions, surveys and polls into your video, improving the engagement of viewers with your content, resulting in more data and leads to feed into your marketing and sales funnels.

  • Analytics
    The type and depth of analytics offered by online video platforms far out way those you get with Vimeo.  Online video platforms provide viewer demographics, relative performance of different distribution channels, viewer engagement trends, contribution to conversions etc. which all contribute valuable insights to improve future video content. 

If you are serious about video marketing, Vimeo just won’t do.  You need an online video platform to help you improve the performance of your video marketing efforts and reporting capabilities. The reward will be a greater return from your investment in video marketing.

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