Why 'ease of use' is so important for your video platform.


In a recent internal survey we asked our existing clients what they like most about Buto. The no 1 response was ‘the platform is so easy to use’. So why is ease of use so important to our clients?

When probed, these are the top 3 reasons that our clients have given us;

‘Efficiency’ – busy marketing and comms professionals have increasing pressure on their time and when it comes to technology, they need platforms to be easily learnable, memorable and intuitive. We have many clients who have dozens (in some cases hundreds) of colleagues who are uploading, tagging and deploying video content across their global businesses using Buto. Most of these people are non-technical and therefore it’s essential for the efficiency of these companies that the platform is easy to use.

‘Maximise investment in video content’ – one client mentioned that when using a previous platform, it was so difficult to even carry out some of the most basic functions that there was a resistance to use the paid platform at all. They resorted to uploading videos to YouTube and using this video embed for their corporate site. As mentioned in this blog, there are times when YouTube should be part of your video strategy, but times when it definitely should not, and to be forced to use YouTube inappropriately could cost your company £££ in lost viewers and ultimately lost business.

‘The platform becomes your friend!’ – a number of clients said Buto was ‘like an old friend’ and they always looked forward to using it. According to Jakob Nielson the world-renowned usability expert, the 4 main benefits from usability are;

  • Users will be satisfied, not frustrated with the website or product
  • Users will enjoy interacting with site or product
  • Users will achieve their goals efficiently and effectively
  • Users will cultivate confidence and trust in the product or site

Will Grant designed the original Buto interface in 2008 and still consults with Buto to this day. He trained with Jakob Nielsen and Bruce Tognazzini at the Nielsen Norman Group – the world leaders in usable design, so it’s Will we continue to thank for the great feedback we receive on how easy Buto is to use.

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