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Sure, you can use YouTube or any of the many free or low cost solutions to roughly auto-transcribe your video. And if you’re a social influencer or prosumer, then something is better than nothing. But just because something is free or cheap, it doesn’t make it better. And more importantly, as an enterprise organisation there are many other considerations aside from the monthly subscription cost. Our mission at CaptionHub is to be the best online technology solution for subtitling for global enterprises.

CaptionHub is a tool that allows global companies to extend the reach and engagement of enterprise video assets, by quickly and easily adding captions in multiple languages. How you visually communicate to your audience is a critical part of your brand, and captions are increasingly important as your brand is increasingly represented by video. A certain proportion of your audience are deaf or hard of hearing, many may watch your video in silent mode (by default on the major social media platforms) and many may potentially not understand the native language of the video speakers. We know you should caption: the question is ‘how do you caption?’.

 The degree of variance in captioning is vast. You need to consider the time it takes to produce the subtitles. The cost involved in doing so. The security risks in your captioning process. The quality of the transcription and translation and the risk of a bad translation on your brand reputation. The quality of the style, format and timings. Simply put: subtitling is an area of video production that is far more complex when you get into the detail. With CaptionHub you can produce perfect subtitles, faster, whilst having the very best security and using the best possible technologies. Captionhub is designed for the enterprise - and here are our top reasons why you should use us:


The world’s largest organisations trust us with their data, and so can you. Every company using CaptionHub can be safe in the knowledge that their captions and videos are secure. If you auto-transcribe with YouTube you immediately hand over your video and your rights to Google. That’s a big ‘no’ for all of our customers. Secondly if you use a human-based captioning service, you have to download, and send your video media. Again, that’s another big security no-no for most of our customers. Losing visibility of where your video is, is a huge security risk. With CaptionHub your video asset never has to leave CaptionHub and our ultra-secure infrastructure. We are FACT approved, with SSL protection and 256 bit at-rest AES encryption as standard. Download our enterprise white-paper here.


CaptionHub uses state of the art speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe your movie for you, timing out the captions at the same time. It’s a huge timesaver. Auto transcription using automatic speech recognition is available for the original source video speech in 28 languages from Bulgarian to Swedish, and further translating your original language captions into a further 57 languages from Arabic to Welsh, instantly.

 With our enterprise video integrations you can publish your captions to your video frames instantly. Subtitles can be immediate. You can add subtitles and push your content out at speed. News stories, exclusive content or even important information that needs to be shared internally within businesses can be captioned and communicated in hours or even minutes. 


Control over accuracy, timings and style of your subtitles matters. CaptionHub is the only frame-accurate subtitling platform in the world. You won’t get precision like this anywhere else, and that matters. How your captions are timed is really important; spending lots of time and money on incredibly rich, sharp video production is great, but do you really want your captions to be badly timed, bleed into the wrong scenes or not be positioned on screen correctly? With CaptionHub you can control positioning, accuracy of timing, transcription and translation, and with our latest burnt-in subtitles feature you have full control over the font, background and caption outline. Our highly-advanced editor turns anyone into an editor or producer with no special skills or software is required yet you get advanced features for any team member from producer to linguist.


CaptionHub is a technology platform but with a broadcast heritage. We founded the company after experiencing the subtitling headache in post-production, first hand. So, although we won’t provide human services along with your CaptionHub subscription, you will be dealing with a team who know their lower third from their Third Man. We’ve been in broadcast and video production for decades, and we impart our knowledge and expertise, distilled into the product and your relationship with CaptionHub from day one. You get much more than an auto-transcribed video. We’ll support all of your subtitling endeavors with the very best technology available on the market. Are you ready to CaptionHub?

Guest Author: James Jameson, Commercial Director, CaptionHub

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