Why a Logo Sting Destroys Video Engagement

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One common pitfall most of us marketers trip over is the use of a logo sting at the start of a video.  I'm sure many of you reading this are questioning why it is a pitfall at all. To be fair, branding is ingrained in us, and if not, it’s often demanded by key stakeholders; start and finish every video with a logo sting. 

However, when looking at analytics obtained in the Buto Online Video Platform, Simon Crofts, video strategy expert at Big Button, can see videos with a logo sting see a much higher drop off in the first 5-6 seconds.

Watch Simon as he explains more about why a logo sting is bad for audience engagement and retention, whilst offering suggestions for how you can get around it and keep your stakeholders happy.




Find out more about how video analytics and an Online Video Platform can help you understand more about your video engagement.

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