When to use YouTube - and when not to


"Why shouldn’t I just use YouTube rather than a video platform like Buto?" It’s a question I hear all the time, and before I go into detail here’s the paragraph one spoiler: I strongly advocate that you use both. Here’s why and when…

NB: This article is written from the perspective of a brand in an area such as financial services, consultancy or legal, who are selling to other businesses. If you’re Coke, Red Bull or BMW, slightly different rules apply.

YouTube’s Business Model

YouTube make money out of viewers clicking on ads, so it stands to reason that they want audiences to stay watching on YouTube until they click on an ad. YouTube is really not that worried about what content the audience watches prior to the click.

This might be at odds with your objective, which is likely to be focusing the engagement of the right audience solely on your branded content.

Where to use YouTube

YouTube has a big audience and it would be crazy not to capitalise on it. It’s the place for your short teaser content, or ads that leave the audience desperate for more and ready to click the link in the video taking them to your web-site landing page. Leave them watching on YouTube at your peril, as there are many distractions… “Oh, look a fluffy cat doing back flips…”

Hint: Make sure your YouTube channel is ‘verified’ to give viewers confidence, and to allow you to hyperlink from the video to your website.

Where not to use YouTube

DON’T EVER EMBED YOUTUBE ON YOUR WEBSITE. Sorry to shout, but it’s so important. You work really hard to get viewers to your site - do you really want to risk them clicking the ever-present ‘watch on YouTube’ logo, which instantly takes them away from your site again? This is where embedding using a video platform like Buto comes in, giving you complete control over your brand.

Internal communication is another area where YouTube is wholly inappropriate; for embedding video on your intranet, you need the added security that only a specialist video platform can provide.

The Video Hub

A video platform should be capable of being the ‘go to’ hub for video, so that all of an organisation’s content is kept together in one place, and everybody across the enterprise can find the film they need. The best platforms, like Buto, can also push video directly to YouTube as well - so you only ever need to upload your content once.

Invariably, those of our clients that use the combined YouTube/Buto approach are those who are consistently the most successful with video.


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