What is marketing automation?


“Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions.” – HubSpot

Digital marketers should (in theory, at least!) be trying to manage more interactions with prospective customers than would ever be possible manually. This is where marketing automation (MA) comes in: MA platforms automate the processes of capturing and nurturing leads before passing hot prospects to sales for follow up.

Platforms such as Pardot, Eloqua and Marketo are prevalent in large enterprises owing to their comprehensive tools, while specialised-but-powerful platforms like StoneShot (https://uk.stoneshot.com/) have grown in popularity as they’re quicker and easier to deploy and maintain.

There are 3 building blocks of marketing automation, based around 3 goals:

  1. Lead capture: The capture of an individual’s personal details to allow authorised follow-up of the contact
  2. Lead nurturing: Sending of personalised and useful content to specific individuals, usually by email
  3. Lead scoring: Identifiable individuals are continually scored by the MA platform based on how much content - and of what type - they consume. Leads that score over a certain threshold automatically alert the sales team

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