Video in the marketing funnel


Content marketing experts such as Hubspot rightly recommend mapping content to different stages of the marketing funnel, and video content is naturally no different.

I don’t believe the funnel is linear, but I’ve used the traditional linear model in this example as lots of organisations still use it (personally, I prefer McKinsey’s cyclical model, as I believe it’s closer to reality).

So, what video content should we be creating, and at what stage should we use it?

Top of Funnel

This is the brand awareness stuff:

  • Hero brand films
  • Swanky ads
  • Thought leadership

These reminders and introducers to your brand should be high in brand recall, as the audience might have had no previous engagement with your organisation.


Here, buyers want to know more about why they should choose your brand over your competitor. The following types of film work well at this stage:

  • Case studies
  • More detailed product/service information films

At this stage we really want to capture who’s watching, so think about at least partially gating the content so you can capture each viewer’s details.


This is video content to get new clients ‘over the line’. 62% of consumers watch product review videos before making a purchase (Mediakix). Even if your audience is BtoB, the same rules apply; hearing a testimonial from an existing client in the same industry, or from the same background, can tip the balance in favour of your brand. Here you need clear calls-to-action to drive direct contact with your sales team. (Click here to find out more about interactive calls-to-action).


Of course, engaging people using video content shouldn’t stop once they become a client. Think through what your customers want to know once they come on-board.  

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