User-generated video - why is it so valuable?


The value of user-generated video content is very simple - people trust it more than branded content. 

A central component to an effective content marketing strategy is to create informative, knowledgeable content to build trust and credibility. Some companies achieve a degree of success with this, but most customers will intrinsically have some degree of suspicion when listening to the ‘company reasons’ for them buying a product or service. This extends to all of your communications, internal and external.

Implementing UGC on your external site makes it possible for people to get a second opinion on your product or service without leaving your website environment. And by including UGC as part of your internal comms strategy, you’re hearing from all levels of your company and ‘feeling’ the participants’ emotions - giving their messages a level of trust and authenticity that a company video may not.   

In survey after survey, a UGC review on YouTube has been shown to have received views of around 10 times higher than the company’s branded review contentFor both internal and external campaigns, good user-generated content comes across as authentic, passionate, interesting and highly engaging. 

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