Unlocking the power of video with marketing automation


It’s easy for even popular video content to amount to little more than ‘views’. As enterprises clamber to make their marketing automation (MA) platforms work more effectively, let’s take a look at how MA can turn views into important and measurable increases in your sales and marketing KPIs.

"Used correctly, marketing automation and a video platform like Buto can be a hugely powerful combination, helping Marketers to intelligently engage their audiences through an improved customer experience, and get them closer to achieving their marketing goals." CleverTouch Marketing, Marketing Automation Consultants (http://clever-touch.com/)

If you’re not sure what marketing automation is click here: https://uk.marketo.com/marketing-automation

Goal 1: Capturing Leads

A likely goal for your organisation is building lists of leads in your Marketing Automation platform for different stages of the marketing funnel. With marketers reporting up to 65% engagement with these type of interactive video elements, the potential to drive volumes of the right type of leads is high.


You can capture contact details directly within a video, either by gating a video so a viewer can’t continue watching until they’ve submitted their information, or by taking a softer approach, for example a ‘contact us’ option.


Another option is to use a clickable call-to-action in the video, which takes the viewer to a gated landing page to download an enticing PDF, which could be promoted in the film.

Once you’ve captured the leads they can be used for ‘Lead nurturing’…

Goal 2: Lead nurturing

Once you’ve got contacts on your MA lists, you’ll want to start doing something useful with them - or ‘nurturing’ them. Think about including video in the personalised and useful content you are sending at the lead nurture stage - ‘We thought you’d like this video...’ type emails, for example. As with the rest of the automated content you are sending, think about where the video sits in the buying cycle.

Goal 3: Lead scoring

Lead scoring automatically identifies leads by assigning values or points based on pre-determined criteria. Metrics such as job title, website visits, videos viewed, and form completions can be assigned points; the sum of the points is the lead’s score. Once a lead reaches a specific score threshold, it can be automatically passed to sales to follow up.

Video can play a crucial part in lead scoring. For example, if a lead watches more than 75% of a video on a specific topic, it would be fair to assume they are very interested in that topic and could be assigned a high score.


When planning campaigns, think about how the video will also fit into your marketing automation workflow to achieve your goals. Buto integrates readily with leading marketing automation platforms including Pardot, Eloqua and Marketo, so you can start over-achieving on your sales and marketing KPIs in the near future.

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