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We recently looked at how video has the potential to improve campaign metrics and performance at every stage of the marketing funnel.  Video is also a well proven sales tool, with 79% of consumers saying a brand’s video has convinced them to buy an app or software* and Hubspot research reveals 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process. 

Despite video being the most consistently engaging form of content across sales and marketing, many companies are failing on 3 fronts:  

  1. They don’t have a clearly defined video marketing strategy. 
  2. They don’t use intermediate let alone advanced video analytics. 
  3. They haven’t integrated video insights with their customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

With video having such huge potential to convert prospects it’s surprising to find companies still blindly sending out videos without seeing how they’re performing.  As a consequence they are not arming their sales team with valuable insights into who is interacting with them.

By integrating your video analytics collected through your online video platform with your CRM platform you have the opportunity to gain greater insight into the performance of your videos and how individuals are interacting with them, allowing you to take your video marketing strategy to the next level. 

Video analytics tell you how your videos are performing generally. The benefits of connecting video with your CRM means you can obtain analytics to find out specifically who is watching your videos and when. Even better, you can see an individual’s viewing history and see how long, how many times, and how often each individual spent watching a specific video – information that can help sales professionals react and engage with the hottest prospects at the right time.  In doing so increase your chances of a positive outcome.

So if you want to ensure your videos are valuable sales tools, start with a clearly defined video marketing strategy, deploy an online video platform with detailed analytics and integrate it with your CRM tool to make your insight actionable for your sales team.

Buto partner and expert in CRM integrations, Nebula Consulting explain how Buto specifically can help unlock the power of video for your sales teams.

Video is a powerful tool and can form part of a successful online marketing strategy, especially if it can be integrated with your marketing automation and CRM platforms. The Buto online video platform allows you to monitor video engagement and utilise the available analytics in your lead qualification process. Through giving your sales team access to this data directly in your CRM you will drive relevant conversions with potential new and existing customers. Marketing can also use this rich information to personalise the customer journey based on topics of interest.”  Dorottya Dvorak from Nebula Consulting

If you need help with implementing or integrating your CRM Platform we recommend you speak to Nebula Consulting.


* https://blog.buto.tv/quick-guide-to-getting-the-most-from-video-analytics


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