Understanding your Audience; the Importance of Research to Achieve your Video Objectives

audience research

In this video, Simon Crofts, video strategy expert at Big Button, gives us a lesson on the importance of understanding your audience and not second guessing them to ensure you achieve your video objectives.

Using a particularly entertaining example of a video campaign he worked on, Simon highlights the importance of audience research to ensure your video content strikes the right cord with your target audience. 




Using audience research together with insight gathered from an Online Video Platform, like Buto, will help ensure you get not only the content of your video right, but also components such as its duration and whether you should include features like subtitles and interactivity, to meet the objective/s of your video.  


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This video series was filmed at a lunch and learn video strategy session.  If you are interested to join one of these sessions, register your interest here and we’ll notify you when the next one is taking place.

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