Top 4 Ways Video Enhances Marketing Automation Efforts

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Marketing in the 21st century is getting harder. Yes, we might have increasingly sophisticated technology to help improve the targeting and personalisation of our marketing efforts, but abuses of the past has left us with complex compliance and legal tape preventing us from freely emailing, calling and sending mail to prospects.

Arguably this red tape is necessary as despite the best efforts of data protection laws, prospects are still bombarded by marketing communications at every turn, leaving them ambivalent and reaching for the delete button.

So how do marketers rise above the noise and ensure their marketing messages get heard?

Together with the careful targeting of the relevant prospects and the adoption of a marketing automation platform to help manage legally obtained data, video has the potential to improve campaign metrics and performance at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Together with Element26, Buto has put together the top 4 ways video can enhance your marketing automation efforts. Click here to read the full article.


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