Smart lead-scoring with interactive video

Lead Scoring

Interactive video is an opportunity for viewers not just to watch, but to interact with your video content via a range of call-to-action overlays. The responses to the CTA's are then lead-scored in your marketing automation platform.

Asking the right questions in an interactive video can be incredibly powerful in helping drive your audience further and faster into your sales process. As the audience watches your content, questions can appear at different stages for the viewers to respond to or engage with.

Marketers can tailor the questions to a specific video to see how interested the viewer is in a particular product or service, or if appropriate, test how well the viewer understood the content. The answer to a simple question like ‘when are you looking to purchase’ might generate different actions. A ‘6 months’ answer may direct your prospect down a lead-nurturing workflow in your marketing automation platform, whereas a ‘2 weeks’ answer might generate an immediate lead for your sales team. 

By embracing the latest interactive technologies for video, your marketing approach can become more streamlined, allowing you to focus on opportunities at just the right time.

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