Simplify your video approval process - time to collaborate


Ever sent out a first draft video for review by a number of stakeholders, and then received sometimes conflicting feedback by phone, e-mail, and scribbled notes on a piece of paper?

Buto Collaborate is an easy-to-use tool that brings stakeholder review, feedback and ideas-sharing into a single location.

With Collaborate, the video producer sends an email invitation to all stakeholders from within the Buto control panel. The stakeholders can then review the video and leave detailed feedback in Collaborate’s dedicated commenting panel, with each comment attached to a specific point in the video. The reviewer can also see feedback by other stakeholders, so contradictions and conflicts in the feedback can generate an early discussion on the best way forward.

Once all stakeholders have responded, the video producer can review the comments in a single location and proceed with the changes.

And if you need to share your video content with people outside your organisation, or colleagues who don’t normally have access to your Buto account, Collaborate provides a secure route by only giving stakeholders access to a single video and comment panel.




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