Plan your successful video campaign in 3 simple steps

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We all strive to create user journeys to ensure the success of our digital channels, and video shouldn’t be any different. But it’s easy to get wrapped up in the making of content and overlook how people are going to watch the film - and easier still to forget what you want the audience to do next.

Here’s my simple model for planning a successful video campaign.

Stage 1 - Attraction

How are we going to encourage our audience to watch in the first place?

Think about: 

  • Which channels you are going to use to promote the content. Are you going to send an email shot, use SEO, or place content on a webpage which already has high traffic, for example
  • The timing of any active promotion, such as email blast
  • How the video will appear and grab attention – for example, attractive thumbnails and/or a catchy title

 Stage 2 – Engagement and communication

This is the video content.

Think about

  • The first few seconds - crucial to make sure you grab the audience straightaway with interesting content (See 'Your intro sting is losing 20% of your viewers')
  • What do we absolutely need to tell them to get them to stage 3?
  • What is going to keep them watching long enough?

 Stage 3 – The next action

We’ve got them to the video AND engaged them in the content. Phew. Now we need to think about what we want them to do next.

 Think about:

  • Capturing their email details, so you can market to them in the future or provide leads to your sales team
  • Hyperlinking to a landing page with more details on the topic
  • Offering a downloadable PDF from within the video, to provide more information
  • Where to put any ‘Calls-To-Action’ – but never at the end! Even if you’ve made amazing content, on average your audience will only watch 80% of a film

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 I’ve used this simple 3-stage model on everything - from an NHS campaign which drove 52% more young people to the dentist, to a client who wanted to use video to achieve a 1,000% increase in traffic to a landing page. Give it a try – they’re simple steps to take, but it’s a powerful combination that really does work.


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