Why do you need CaptionHub?

Sure, you can use YouTube or any of the many free or low cost solutions to roughly auto-transcribe your video. And if you’re a social influencer or prosumer, then something is better than nothing. But just because something is free or cheap, it doesn’t make it better. And more importantly, as an enterprise organisation there are many other considerations aside from the monthly subscription cost. Our mission at CaptionHub is to be the best online technology solution for subtitling for global enterprises.

Think switching video platform to Buto is hard? Think again!

Buto make switching from your existing video platform easy. We extract all of the content from your existing platform or library together with all the metadata. We even supply a spreadsheet mapping the locations of your existing content, making it super easy for your agency to replace existing video embed codes. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is here to manage the process end-to-end. 

Quick guide: Get the most from video analytics

According to the latest figures, video will make upto 82% of all internet traffic in 2021. Not only are people watching more video, but they’re watching better quality content. With the likes of YouTube and social media at their fingertips, consumers are savvier than ever at choosing engaging content that they want to watch, forcing businesses to be more innovative with their video strategy. 

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