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According to Business Insider, ‘click-through rates (CTR) increase from 2% to 20% when using interactive video, compared to linear video’. In this short blog we look at a few ways to improve lead generation using interactive video.

Buto Interactive makes it easy for your viewers to interact with your content within the player by adding interactive overlays at strategic points in the video. Here are some examples of how companies are using Interactive to generate leads: 

  • At key points in the video, add a data capture form which feeds directly into your marketing automation platform. While the form can appear at different points in the film, our research shows that CTRs are highest between 10% & 20% of the film’s overall duration. Don’t wait until the end of the video to display the form as your viewer may not get that far. 
  • If you publish a piece of premium content that is valuable to the audience, you may wish to ‘gate’ it in some way. So, after 30 seconds a form appears asking for the viewer’s contact details before they can continue watching. The captured contact data can then be automatically submitted to your MA platform.
  • if you’d prefer to direct the viewer from your video to a landing page, it’s easily done by adding a clickable image at any point in the film. The image can offer the viewer anything from a special offer to a downloadable ebook, with the data capture dealt with on the landing page.

As well as providing a powerful enterprise video platform, Buto provides ongoing video strategy to all of its customers. To find out how we can help you generate more leads using Buto Interactive, email



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