Interactive video - the magic bullet to improve information recall


If you’re trying to change the way people think about your brand, or need to make training video content stick in the minds of your audience, you might just want to read on…

Research shows that on average, ‘students’ forget 70 percent of what they’re taught within 24 hours of the ‘training’ experience. That film they watched yesterday? They’ve already forgotten almost all of it.

This makes worrying reading for those of us involved in making communications that we really need people to buy into, such as a brand positioning film or - even more critical - a health and safety training video.

But fear not. For once, this is one of those rare occasions where there is a ‘magic bullet’ fix. By using a tool like Buto Interactive, you can create on-screen quizzes which ask questions of your audience as they are viewing a video; recall rates can improve by up to 100%, and the information stays memorable for longer. 

The science behind this is all down to the way our brain selectively remembers information. Obviously, we can’t remember every bit of information we take in, but asking the brain to recall information there and then sends a powerful signal: “this is something you need to hold for the long term.” Because of that, the information is much more likely to stick. 

But don’t take my word for it! This blog has been based on a research article entitled ‘Brain science: Overcoming the forgetting curve’ by Art Kohn. You can learn more by clicking the Learning Solutions logo below:



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