How an Online Video Platform Complements YouTube

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It is not an either or scenario, you can and should use both an online video platform and YouTube, in fact the two platforms can work very well together in a blended video marketing strategy. 

YouTube and online video platforms have distinct functions which complement each other, rather than work in isolation.  In this blog we take a look at the different functions and merits of both YouTube and online video platforms and see how you can get the best results for your video marketing by using both for their intended purposes.

The obvious place to start is by looking at the business models for each platform.  YouTube’s business model is advertising revenue, whereas for an online video provider such as Buto its sole purpose is for clients to be successful with video (so you continue to need their services) through managing and improving your video’s performance.

Obviously, YouTube provides access to massive audiences any marketer would be mad not to want to tap into.  For the visitor it provides a great experience and recommends additional content based on algorithms and AI using behaviour on what a visitor is watching / has watched previously. However, here lies the issue; this means you lose complete control over your own content and what happens after a prospect has watched your video.  They could see other non relevant content (to your product) or competitor content, rather than continue the journey with your brand.

Instead, it is possible to tap into the massive audience YouTube has through adding teaser content, but encourage your prospects to actually watch the content on your own site.  One big warning is not to use YouTube to embed videos on your own site, this risks them being taken back to YouTube, meaning you’ve lost them, potentially forever.

The key differences between an online video platform and YouTube are summarised below:

  YouTube Online Video Platform
Branding YouTube own You own
Audience Vast Limited but targeted
Search Engine Optimisation YouTube videos rank in search results Your own web pages with your video content rank in search results
Control over post video content YouTube own You own
Security Very limited security features Ability to lock down access to select individuals and audiences
Analytics View counts and video drop off rates View counts, video drop off rates, viewer demographics, relative performance of distribution channels, engagement trends, click through rates, conversion rates etc. at the individual level which can be shared with your marketing automation and CRM (see below)
Integrations CMS, Analytics Marketing automation, CRM, CMS, social media, analytics, intranets etc.


Certainly, we see that our most successful customers are those who have a blended video marketing strategy and use YouTube and their online video platform for the purposes for which they were meant.

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