CaptionHub unveils integration with Buto

Caption Hub 20x

Buto is delighted to announce its latest integration, with leading subtitling platform CaptionHub.

The value of adding captions to video is huge; it ranges from increasing video engagement by adding subtitles in a local language, to improving social media reach and boosting SEO performance. The challenge, however, has always been the time it takes to manually add them.

CaptionHub ( is a clever artificial intelligence platform that removes this headache. The platform takes a video in any language, and creates captions in that native language. These captions can then be automatically translated into up to 29 different languages within minutes. The platform also includes a slick captions editor (for those times the AI gets things like names wrong) and an approval workflow tool. All this comes as a secure, enterprise-grade cloud product.

Buto clients are already using CaptionHub to great effect, and this latest integration means captions can be created directly from your Buto videos inside CaptionHub. When you log back into Buto, those videos with captions added will immediately be visible in your control panel. No moving files around, just a fast, easy workflow.

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