Buto - behind the new branding


As you may have noticed, Buto have unveiled an all new logo and visual identity. After meeting with three potential creative teams, we chose local agency ‘Two of Us’ for their intelligence, talent and passion. I met with director, Ash O’Brien, to find out more about the creative process that led to Buto’s new look and feel.

Jeremy: Hi Ash. First off, perhaps you can tell me about your process from when we first commissioned the work? 

Ash: Well, we hadn’t worked with Buto prior to this rebrand, so we took the fairly standard route of fact finding, getting a true understanding of what you guys do, and who you do it for … but most importantly, what it is you do differently to the competition. You gave us really comprehensive notes on that, and it was also useful that you’d had some client research done by a third party as that helped us to understand the customer perspective. Very often people have an idea about what they think their brand means but they’re wide of the mark – your customers had already given you some great insight.

We also undertook some competitor research to get an understanding of how the sector as a whole views itself, and where Buto fits in to that. So not rocket science I suppose, just the usual first steps for a project of this type – not rocket science, but massively important nonetheless.

Jeremy: So what was the next step? How did the info we gave you, and the research, help with the process?

Ash: A key takeaway from the research was that Buto was easy-to-use, and there was a real sense of warmth from the clients. Also, client reliance on analytics … plus the idea that you were already exploring of ‘intelligent’ video hosting seemed to resonate with us.

We started to think about collating everything we’d learned, and how we might visualise that. Sometimes we begin with a typographic structure, a colour, or even an animation, but the ‘eureka’ moment for this project was the idea of ‘grids’ – more specifically an isometric grid. What we had noticed during our research was that the triangular video ‘play’ icons that now fill our lives are nearly always based on a 30 degree angle, which is also what’s used for an isometric grid. We usually run with two or three ideas at the start of a process, and gravitate to one in particular over time. In this case it was very immediate, and myself and Ian both loved the ‘30 degree’ idea from the start.


Utilising this upward angle evokes positivity – from the logotype to the colour gradients. It’s the perfect visual metaphor as it sums up Buto’s personality and the impact Buto has on its clients’ video content and statistics, in a visual language they can relate to. We also introduce a play icon in certain applications, such as on the business cards, adding a playful and tactile layer. 

Jeremy: And what about the various applications of the new branding, how do you make it work across a range of media? 

Ash: We don’t want to make Buto overly consistent and too dry in application, it’s much better to have a visual proposition that we can build upon, and develop the visual identity as we progress, now that the foundations are in place… it keeps things fresh!

Fully integrating the new branding has taken time and thought, but we’re really excited to continue to build off what we’ve already done. It’s great to be able to share this work as we’re really proud of it, and we’re pleased that the launch was held off until the new branding was properly applied. But then you’d expect us to be picky about that ha ha! That’s why you hired us. But anyway, we’re confident that the new brand image will serve you guys well and will help drive the evolution of your business.

Jeremy: Yes, we’re very pleased with how it all worked out. See you in ten years for the next one!

Ash: This one will last you twenty years!

Buto London

Level 6

125 Old Broad Street



Buto Birmingham

Studio 11

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