5 ways to make a BIG impact with your video...

… and by ‘BIG impact,’ I mean GRABBING the audience’s attention and then truly making it count for your brand. Here are some of my top tips for making the most of your video on the web:

1: Get the structure right

On your computer or mobile device the next distraction is only 1 click away. The first 5 seconds are absolutely critical to grab attention and reassure people they haven’t clicked the play button in vain. By 15 seconds in people should be intrigued, perhaps have learnt something, or at least be given a clear reason to carry on watching.

The old adage that your web videos should be kept below 2 minutes duration is often true, however viewers who keep watching until the 2 minute point will, in the main, stay watching for up to 10 minutes (and of course longer if the content remains relevant and interesting).

2: Tell a story

When we listen to a story, not only is the language part of our brain activated, but the sensory elements of the brain are also stimulated in exactly the same way as if we were experiencing it for real. For example, if someone tells us about how delicious certain foods are, our sensory cortex is also stimulated. The more of the brain that is stimulated, the more memorable the story becomes.

3: Emotion is your friend

Evoking emotions in your audience like excitement, happiness, even anger (if you’re feeling brave) boosts the likelihood of creating a reaction in their minds. Reaction equals action, driving click-throughs, conversations and sharing. When did you last see a ‘viral’ film that didn’t create some sort of emotive reaction in its intended audience?

4: Make your video part of the journey

So someone’s watching your video. That’s great, but the digital world’s all about guiding your viewer as close towards your end objective as possible in a single session. Think about what you want them to think or do after they’ve finished watching. I’m assuming the answer to that won’t be ‘click on that hilarious and irrelevant cat video’, so make sure there is a call to action or other clear action to be taken.

If you’re using a hyperlinked call to action think about where this sits in the video. If your viewer retention graph shows you typically lose half your viewers before the end, the last frame might not be the best place for it.

5: Experimentation is the new planning

Every audience is different. What works magnificently for your brand might be hopeless for 99% of other organisations. Nobody has all the answers out of the box, so testing, measurement, comparison and tweaking of all of the key components of your video campaign are essential until you know your specific audience inside-out. These include, but definitely aren’t limited to:

  • Video titles and description
  • Content type and structure
  • Placement of call to action
  • Placement of video on the page
  • Make your videos INTERACTIVE
  • Time of release

And the list goes on.

What is for certain though, is that brands that use video effectively inside and outside of their organisation are those that hit their KPIs and increase their bottom line. Over to you…

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