4 myths that may be stopping you joining the interactive video revolution

With a reported 44% increase in viewing time on interactive video compared to linear video, is it a surprise that more companies are not getting involved?

Well maybe not. There are misconceptions and myths surrounding interactive video that may be putting you off joining the ‘interactive video revolution’. Here's our top 4.

It’s too difficult

It’s very easy to make your video interactive. With Buto Interactive, it’s easy to add hyperlinks, images and text to your existing video assets with a few mouse clicks. Within a few minutes, you can your first interactive video up and running, capturing client data and generating valuable leads. 

I need to create a video with interactivity in mind

There is no doubt that if you create your video content knowing when and how your interactive elements will appear in the video, it will have a greater impact on your audience. But to test how interactivity could work for you, it’s very easy to add interactive element to one of your existing films like a downloadable product PDF, or an on-screen link through to a landing page.

Interactivity will annoy my audience

All metrics surrounding interactive video show that people LOVE interacting with video. Longer view times and higher click-through rates show that people are happy to interact because it gives them the more targeted, richer information that they are searching for.

No benefit to my business compared to linear video

The data and insights that you receive from interactivity are extremely valuable, especially when the data captured is fed directly into your marketing automation platform or learning management system. From generating new leads to driving new revenues with in-video purchases, the benefits are clear and most importantly, measurable.

All of the above can be achieved by using Buto Interactive; just one feature of the Buto enterprise video platform. 


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