3 ways to make your video content interactive

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Video communication habits are changing with an increasing shift towards bite-sized, to-the-point pieces of content to engage short attention spans.  To make this content even more compelling, communicators are now adding interactive elements which dramatically increases engagement. Here are 3 simple ways to make your company’s video content interactive.

Clickable calls to action – this can be as simple as 'request a free trial', 'download a PDF' or 'register to come to an event'. Don’t forget that these calls to action can be fed automatically from the video player directly into your marketing automation platform.

Questions (quizzes) – sometimes a simple question appearing in your video can elicit an incredibly valuable answer. Example - a viewer watches the first 20 seconds of your film and then a question is asked, the answer to which tells you where they are in their buying journey. When the viewer clicks the answer to continue watching, the video then ‘branches’ i.e. appropriate content continues to play dependent on their answer.

Chapterising – if you do have longer form video content then make sure you chapterise it, enabling viewers to easily access the relevant part of the film they are looking for.

All of the above can be achieved by using Buto Interactive; just one feature of the Buto's intelligent video platform.  


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