3 ways to leverage your video platform’s analytical goldmine


The video analytics that Buto provide are an in-depth insight to viewer behaviour. So what nuggets do you need to be looking at from this data goldmine to better know and understand your audience?

1. Track your best performing pieces of content

How do you identify your ‘best performing’ content? There are 4 metrics that allow you to build up a view of this. Firstly, you should look at ‘impressions’ which measure the number of occasions the video player has been loaded on a page and the viewer has been given the opportunity to press ‘play’. If you have a low click-through rate from impressions, you’ll want to look at your video title and thumbnail to see if these can be optimised. Secondly, how many ‘views’ has your content had which shows how many unique viewers have started to watch you video. Finally, check your ‘average % views’ and ‘complete views’ which shows how far into the video your viewers watched. This is invaluable as your content may be too long or just simply not engaging enough.

2. Understand how viewers are INTERACTING with your content 

Are your videos generating active user engagement? According to Business Insider, ‘click-through rates (CTR) increase from 2% to 20% when using interactive video, compared to linear video’, so what interactive elements have you included in your content? Buto analytics will show you how many ‘overlay impressions’ have appeared in front of your viewers and how many overlays have been ‘clicked’ on, giving you the ‘click-through-rate’. This lets you to build a picture of which overlays work best and at what time and place to deploy the interactive overlays e.g. if on average your viewers only watch 90 seconds of the video, ensure your ‘interactive overlays’ appear within the first 90 seconds. If you don't, most viewers will never even get to see them.

3. Establish viewer profiles

Buto’s ‘playback location’ feature shows you where in the world your video content is being watched. If you are engaging clients in a foreign country, you may wish to translate content, create specific content for that market or reach out to companies to establish partnerships.  

Also, knowing how your viewers are accessing content is invaluable, e.g. if the majority are accessing your content on small screen mobile phones it might affect the type of content you create or the size of the interactive elements. 


Interpreting reliable, detailed video analytics allows you to make better content creation decisions, better video deployment decisions and in some cases, better future business strategy decisions. Make sure your nuggets don’t remain undiscovered.

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