Unlock the Power of Video for your Sales Teams

We recently looked at how video has the potential to improve campaign metrics and performance at every stage of the marketing funnel.  Video is also a well proven sales tool, with 79% of consumers saying a brand’s video has convinced them to buy an app or software* and Hubspot research reveals 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process. 

Using EyeDirect and the Importance of Audience Trust

A challenge many marketers face is getting audiences to watch their videos all the way through.  Our experience, as well as reviewing analytics in Buto, tells us gaining the trust of your audience is a sure fire way of improving audience retention.  

Why a Logo Sting Destroys Video Engagement

One common pitfall most of us marketers trip over is the use of a logo sting at the start of a video.  I'm sure many of you reading this are questioning why it is a pitfall at all. To be fair, branding is ingrained in us, and if not, it’s often demanded by key stakeholders; start and finish every video with a logo sting. 

Simon Says: 5 Video Explainers

In this video series, video strategy expert at Big Button, Simon Crofts, debunks some common pitfalls when making video content.  Simon also provides some handy tips for improving video engagement and audience retention.  

Top 4 Ways Video Enhances Marketing Automation Efforts

Marketing in the 21st century is getting harder. Yes, we might have increasingly sophisticated technology to help improve the targeting and personalisation of our marketing efforts, but abuses of the past has left us with complex compliance and legal tape preventing us from freely emailing, calling and sending mail to prospects.

Why you need subtitles to boost your video strategy

Expert James Jameson from CaptionHub tells us why subtitles play a crucial role in a video strategy...The decision to use subtitles has always, until recent years, been one of practicality or necessity. For example, foreign language films that are being distributed globally, programming for the hard of hearing, and even documentary style programmes where the speech is muffled or difficult to understand.

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