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How Freshfields maximise their video content using Buto - watch the film.


A Buto customer since 2011, Freshfields needed an efficient way to deliver secure, up-to-date information to its lawyers, while also engaging clients and prospects on social media.  


Drive conversion with irresistible thumbnails

We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but with video thumbnails, that is exactly what most of us do. Your video thumbnail is the shop-window to your video and it’s got to look good if you want your potential viewers, to become actual viewers.


Econsultancy Online Video Best Practice Guide


Our friends at Econsultancy have updated their popular Online Video Best Practice Guide and we're delighted to have been asked to contribute. It's essential reading for marketers and content owners who are using video as a strategic tool for marketing and sales.


Marketeers: Generate leads with Interactive Video


According to Business Insider, ‘click-through rates (CTR) increase from 2% to 20% when using interactive video, compared to linear video’. In this short blog we look at a few ways to improve lead generation using interactive video.


Marketeers: The art of video distribution


The art of video distribution! An ‘art’, maybe not – but it's a bit more nuanced than you might think. Most companies need a blended video distribution strategy using a mix of free social sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as well as an enterprise online video platform (OVP), to maximise the return on their video content. In this blog we’ve looked at some of the reasons why.


Top 10 Tips For Managing Online Video Content In Your Organisation - FREE EBOOK


5 Steps To Better Business Results With Online Video Analytics - FREE EBOOK


When to use YouTube - and when not to

"Why shouldn’t I just use YouTube rather than a video platform like Buto?" It’s a question I hear all the time, and before I go into detail here’s the paragraph one spoiler: I strongly advocate that you use both. Here’s why and when…


5 ways to make a BIG impact with online video...

… and by ‘BIG impact,’ I mean GRABBING the audience’s attention and then truly making it count for your brand. Here are some of my top tips for making the most of your video on the web:


6 great ways to use video in your enterprise

 As you have surely noticed, video is big news and has now become a mainstream tool for business communications. It has the power to entertain, to educate and to inform, but just as importantly it has the power to engage and to start conversations. Those organisations that fail to embrace it will be left behind, while those using it already are seeing the benefits drop to the bottom line.