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Interactive video survey - download our results infographic

Our recent interactive video survey has given us some very useful insights into how far marketeers have travelled on their interactive video journey.


4 myths that may be stopping you joining the interactive video revolution

With a reported 44% increase in viewing time on interactive video compared to linear video, is it a surprise that more companies are not getting involved? Well maybe not. There are misconceptions and myths surrounding interactive video that may be putting you off joining the ‘interactive video revolution’. Here's our top 4.


3 ways to make your video content interactive

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Video communication habits are changing with an increasing shift towards bite-sized, to-the-point pieces of content to engage short attention spans.  To make this content even more compelling, communicators are now adding interactive elements which dramatically increases engagement. Here are 3 simple ways to make your company’s video content interactive.


Interactive Video Survey - take part and receive a free copy of our survey report

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24% of marketers said that they have used Interactive video for marketing purposes. Out of those: 92% said that Interactive video was an effective marketing tool.


Interactive Video: The magic bullet to improve information recall



If you’re trying to change the way people think about your brand, or need to make training video content stick in the minds of your audience, you might just want to read on…


The power of interactive video in email campaigns

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According to our friends at Hubspot, the inclusion of a linear video in your email marketing campaign will increase your open rate by 19% and increase your CTRs by 65%. If you include an interactive video, those CTRs will increase further by a staggering 35%.


Improve lead generation with interactive video


92% of marketers who have used interactive video said it was an effective marketing tool with one of the key benefits being the ability to capture customer data directly into your automated marketing platform. 


Interactive Video: How big is your imagination?


We already know that video is far more effective than the written word for keeping people engaged on your website. But with Buto’s new ‘Interactive’ feature, you can now get true interactivity for all of your online video content.


Getting your audience to participate: Interactive video


64% of video viewers spend more time watching if they can participate; so it’s perhaps surprising that only 32% of communicators are using interactive video.