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Interactive Video: How big is your imagination?


We already know that video is far more effective than the written word for keeping people engaged on your website. But with Buto’s new ‘Interactive’ feature, you can now get true interactivity for all of your online video content.


Employee Engagement - FREE EBOOK


There is no single agreed definition of ‘employee engagement’, but it can be seen to hark back to Frederick Herzberg’s words that, “If you want people to do a good job, give them a good job to do.” People work best in roles that make use of their strengths, offer responsibility and have a clear purpose they can identify with. A blinkered focus on business results is not much good without considering the motivation, well-being and growth of the people who are to deliver them.


Top 10 Tips For Managing Online Video Content In Your Organisation - FREE EBOOK


5 Steps To Better Business Results With Online Video Analytics - FREE EBOOK


The Power of User-Generated Video in Internal Comms


When to use YouTube - and when not to

"Why shouldn’t I just use YouTube rather than a video platform like Buto?" It’s a question I hear all the time, and before I go into detail here’s the paragraph one spoiler: I strongly advocate that you use both. Here’s why and when…


Getting your audience to participate: Interactive video


64% of video viewers spend more time watching if they can participate; so it’s perhaps surprising that only 32% of communicators are using interactive video.


5 ways to make a BIG impact with online video...

… and by ‘BIG impact,’ I mean GRABBING the audience’s attention and then truly making it count for your brand. Here are some of my top tips for making the most of your video on the web:


Effective Internal Video Content: The 3 Guiding Principles


I spent a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating day at Transform Magazine’s ‘Employee Brand Management’ conference last week. Although the conference remit was wide, almost all speakers touched heavily on the hot topic of employee engagement with video. Three themes kept emerging throughout the day…


How is video working for internal communicators?


With the use of video growing rapidly in the internal communications sector, there’s also a growing need for companies to manage this new content effectively. For many internal communicators this also brings new challenges in commissioning, creative direction, management and distribution of video to the internal audience.

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