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Marketeers: The art of video distribution


The art of video distribution! An ‘art’, maybe not – but it's a bit more nuanced than you might think. Most companies need a blended video distribution strategy using a mix of free social sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as well as an enterprise online video platform (OVP), to maximise the return on their video content. In this blog we’ve looked at some of the reasons why.

The social sites have many benefits for marketers and here are a number of reasons why they should form part of your strategy:

  • they enable you to reach new audiences which helps build a pipeline of new prospects.
  • enhance your credibility with viewers liking and sharing your content among their community.
  • provides a great platform to sign-post an event or product launch with teaser footage. This should then drive viewers through to your own site where ideally you want the real conversation to happen.

An enterprise OVP can help to move the conversation on from ‘awareness / prospect building’ on the social sites, to ‘real interest / conversion’ on your own branded site. Some of the reasons that an OVP should be an essential part of your strategy are as follows:

  • using your own branded player will keep the viewer on YOUR site and not distracted to click back to watch the video on one of the social sites. With branded messaging and no distractions, you’ll keep control of the conversation for longer.
  • helps increase SEO for your own site, not the social sites. By following best practice, you can get your own webpage to rank higher in the search results.
  • customise your player to convey your brand image, not the brand image of the social sites.
  • use interactive features in your platform to really engage your viewers. You can now add clickable regions in your videos that allow viewers to download PDFs, input contact information to receive ebooks / white papers (which can then of course be fed directly into your marketing automation platform), or overlaying a short poll or quiz. CLICK HERE to find out more about interactive video.
  • maximise your chances of connecting with a B2B audience. A lot of companies (and even countries) block social sites to avoid distractions to their team. So if you are using a YouTube player on your company site, it may not be viewed by some of your key audience.
  • using advanced analytics gives you greater knowledge about your viewers. You can now track viewers beyond the ‘video view’ stage to see where they go next and if they eventually convert. This helps you prove ROI per campaign and shows if your overall video strategy is working.

IN SUMMARY, the social sites are great for awareness building and hopefully driving traffic to your own branded site. It’s then down to the OVP to help you make the viewers experience as rich as possible, improve your conversion rates and ultimately give you a measurable return on your video content.


As well as being an incredibly powerful online video platform, Buto provides ongoing video strategy to all of its’ customers. Email if you need help with your blended video distribution strategy.