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How Freshfields maximise their video content using Buto - watch the film.


A Buto customer since 2011, Freshfields needed an efficient way to deliver secure, up-to-date information to its lawyers, while also engaging clients and prospects on social media.  


Ex-Qumu Account Manager Debbie Nicklin joins Buto

Posted by Jeremy Stinton

Starting in July, Debbie Dinardo (nee. Debbie Nicklin) joins video platform Buto as Business Development Manager. Debbie’s experience spans periods at rival platforms Kulu Valley and Qumu, as well as Buto client M&G Investments.

Ready to take a tour? Watch our new buto tour video

Posted by Jeremy Stinton

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Take a tour blog.png

4 times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. 


Interactive video survey - download our results infographic

Our recent interactive video survey has given us some very useful insights into how far marketeers have travelled on their interactive video journey.


4 myths that may be stopping you joining the interactive video revolution

With a reported 44% increase in viewing time on interactive video compared to linear video, is it a surprise that more companies are not getting involved? Well maybe not. There are misconceptions and myths surrounding interactive video that may be putting you off joining the ‘interactive video revolution’. Here's our top 4.


Drive conversion with irresistible thumbnails

We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but with video thumbnails, that is exactly what most of us do. Your video thumbnail is the shop-window to your video and it’s got to look good if you want your potential viewers, to become actual viewers.


Simplify your video approval process - time to collaborate


Ever sent out a first draft video for review by a number of stakeholders, and then received sometimes conflicting feedback by phone, e-mail, and scribbled notes on a piece of paper?


Synchronise PowerPoint slides with video - easily

SlideSync Screenshot.png

More than 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created globally EVERY DAY! How many of these presentations could be filmed and deployed online to maximize their value? 


3 ways to make your video content interactive

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Video communication habits are changing with an increasing shift towards bite-sized, to-the-point pieces of content to engage short attention spans.  To make this content even more compelling, communicators are now adding interactive elements which dramatically increases engagement. Here are 3 simple ways to make your company’s video content interactive.


Interactive Video Survey - take part and receive a free copy of our survey report

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24% of marketers said that they have used Interactive video for marketing purposes. Out of those: 92% said that Interactive video was an effective marketing tool.