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When to use YouTube - and when not to

Posted by Jeremy Stinton

"Why shouldn’t I just use YouTube rather than a video platform like Buto?" It’s a question I hear all the time, and before I go into detail here’s the paragraph one spoiler: I strongly advocate that you use both. Here’s why and when…


Getting your audience to participate: Interactive video

Posted by Jeremy Stinton



5 ways to make a BIG impact with online video...

Posted by Jeremy Stinton

… and by ‘BIG impact,’ I mean GRABBING the audience’s attention and then truly making it count for your brand. Here are some of my top tips for making the most of your video on the web:


Effective Internal Video Content: The 3 Guiding Principles

Posted by Jeremy Stinton



How is video working for internal communicators?

Posted by Jeremy Stinton



6 great ways to use video in your enterprise

Posted by Jeremy Stinton

 As you have surely noticed, video is big news and has now become a mainstream tool for business communications. It has the power to entertain, to educate and to inform, but just as importantly it has the power to engage and to start conversations. Those organisations that fail to embrace it will be left behind, while those using it already are seeing the benefits drop to the bottom line.


Getting more from your video content

Posted by Simon Crofts

Just 15 Years ago we only had to make a film the client enjoyed, give them a VHS copy and all was well. But times have changed! Savvy media commissioners are looking for tangible returns for their spend on video.

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